Day: May 10, 2015

Death in different Civilizations

The History of Death: Death in Mesoamerica, East, and West The way death has been approached by different cultures, through their believes, myths, customs, and ceremonies, has varied within time; and it is in funerary rituals where a way of living manifests, along with beliefs around death. Historian Oswald Spengler expressed it this way: “there…

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Welcome Cocktail Party and “The Lettuce” bonus (For the right to Die with Dignity discussion)

FOR THE RIGHT TO DIE WITH DIGNITY (DMD) MEXICO SPONSORS THIS THEATRICAL PLAY TO WELCOME ATTENDEES OF THE 2020 Biennial WFRtDS The play La Lechuga (The Lettuce) brings up the urgent need of discussing the theme of the options for the right to die with dignity. With the aim of warming up the debate on…

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