Congress still scheduled for October (27 – 31th)

With COVID-19 risks growing worldwide, trusted coverage that keeps our future participants and readers informed on safety is our top priority for the WFRtDS Mexico 2020 Bienal Congress / Choices and Dignity at the end of Life. A Bioethical Approach  to be held in Mexico City,  October 27-31,2020. 

We have considered it relevant to keep you informed about the biosecurity of our visitors to the Biennial Congress WFRtDS Mexico 2020 / Options and Dignity at the End of Life. A Bioethical Approach.  Starting now, you’ll see our newest update reports and information resources on the coronavirus featured in this newsletter alongside all our other areas of information and inspiration that are vital to determine the evolving confirmation of our activities.

Our aim is to provide trusted coverage to keep you informed and safe. The at present situation is that the Congress schedule maintains its feaseability in October.

From now on we will be reporting periodically on the health situation based on scientific evidence and supported by reports from prestigious institutions such as the World Health Organization1, the Pan American Health Organization2, as well as quality private entities such as the case from the experts of the American British Cowdray (ABC Hospital).  With this information we can update data on the evolution and determine the risks that may exist to carry out our congress. Our primary purpose is to provide you with reliable information coverage for your safety. 

For the moment we can assure you that the viability of the congress remains current and without foreseeable setbacks.

Thank you