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Choices and Dignity at the end of life has a meaningful logo.

The ” Tree of life” is a well known tradition in the Mexican arts and crafts. The most popular of this clay made sculptures have in itself a storytelling objective. Some are colorfully painted whilst others preserve their original terracota colors of the mud used in their manufacturing process.

The most popular “Tree of Life” handmade pieces are from Metepec, a nearby town to Mexico City, where artisans have blended these symbolic elements related with the Biblical descriptions of life´s origin.

For our WFRtDS Mexico 2020 Congress: Choices and dignity at the end of life, our creative team based their inspiration on the “tree of life” concept and decided to make a logo: half of it with the colorful display of blooming flowers as the best way to describe life and the other side representing the unknown passage of Death.

Choices and dignity at the end of life is the mainstream of the discussion in our WFRtDS Biennial Congress tables sessions, therefore in the axis of this polarity is DMD Mexico as a means of finding harmony and consensus through human communication.

The Tree of life is an archetype that could be considered as part of the basic human´s myths. It has many spiritual, religious and cultural meanings. It can be a symbolic way of expressing the deeply connected relations of a human being, a family and it´s origins and even more, an explanation of humankind evolvement.  In a very simple way, each human being  has a previuos genetic story from his ancestors and will leave a genetic legacy to their heir.

Although the tree of life concept could be related to the biblical narrative or even more to the jewish Sephirotal  – Kabbalah explanation, for  modern approaches it has a clear connotation of connection,networking, ancestry, family, fertility, consolidated strength, growth, abundance, individuality, immortality, rebirth and protection.

Based on the craftsmen interpretation, and focusing in Choices and dignity at the end of life: A Bioethical approach, in the WFRtDS 2020 Congress framework, the tree of life becomes a visualization of the importance of having the right de choose a peaceful transition from life to death.

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